Transparency of Work Process

Being transparent does not mean divulging information that would be considered confidential, but it does mean both sides take responsibility for the conversation.

If you’ve ever ordered something at a fast-food restaurant or eaten at a restaurant with an open kitchen, then you understand transparency.  From the time your food order is placed to when it’s delivered to your table, you can watch the process from start to finish.  This builds trust and eliminates suspicion and reduces anxiety.  There are no questions on how your food was prepared and delivered.

Unfortunately, many development teams still like to keep their developers hidden behind closed doors and the development processes are a mystery.  While this might have been standard operating procedures 20 years ago, we believe that open development and clear, straightforward communication with its team members and clients alike is paramount in rapid development success

Here are a few key considerations for transparent communication:


Transparency builds trust because everyone understands where the development is at.  There should be no surprises or misunderstandings.  Once a clear scope is established, the development team and the client should be able to follow each other throughout the entire process.


A big part of transparency is listening to each other.  Share knowledge, expertise, and information.  Through listening, each part of the project sprints will be completed faster and milestones will be achieved with ease.

Things Happen

It is important to remember that in any project, things happen.  And things happen on both sides of the development table.  Something will get left out of a scope document, a design takes longer to create than expected – it happens.  And the more complex the project, no matter how detailed the scope, the more things happen.  As a team, we’re both trying to accomplish the same thing, so let the other side know when things happen and work it out.

Recognize and Appreciate

Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments and be appreciated.  Yes, there is a client-team relationship, but being nice and respectful doesn’t cost anything, and recognizing even the smallest details will go a long way to the success of a project.
Open development and clear, straightforward communication with the team members and clients alike is paramount in rapid development success
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