Quality Assurance

There is often confusion between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Quality Assurance begins at the inception of a project.  As the scope of the project is being created, we determine the key measuring points that will be taken into account throughout the development process. 

Process vs Product

Quality Assurance is process-oriented.  It focuses on setting standards in the development process, documentation, and preventing issues during the development and manufacturing phases.  Where Quality Control is product-oriented and is primarily focused on identifying quality issues in manufactured products or tangible items. 

Proactive vs Reactive

One of the key differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control is effective Quality Assurance is proactive and Quality Control is reactive.  Quality Assurance is about preventing issues before they happen through thoughtful process design.  Quality Control is about testing once a job is done to make sure it done properly and to design specifications.

Creation vs Verification

Quality Assurance is about creating processes, methods and procedures for the team to work by throughout the development of the project.  It’s focused on the team and becomes the roadmap for the development process.  Quality Control is more basic and is typically focused on measuring individual parts of a project. 
Quality Assurance begins at the inception of a project.
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