Clear Communication

Clear Communication is both an art and a science. Confidence is built through clear understanding by both the client and the development team.

Matican Group uses the following Best Practices daily to

Maintain Clear Communication internally and externally.

Start with an Agenda

All meetings should have an agenda before they start.  It could be formal or informal, but it keeps the meeting on track and focused.

Avoid Technical Jargon

The technology environment is filled with strange-sounding words and complicated processes that are often difficult to understand without a background in Computer Science.  Keep technical jargon to a minimum.  If possible, don’t use it at all.

Recap Every Point

After each discussion point, have someone restate what they understood was said.  Oftentimes there will be a difference in what someone thought they said and what someone in the same room thought they heard.  By allowing someone else to recap the point allows everyone to make sure they understand.

Ask Good Questions

If you don’t understand, ask a question.  The more detailed and unambiguous the question, the better the answer.  Ask good questions and get great answers.

Take Turns

Everyone should have the opportunity to talk.  Give everyone a chance to give their input and ask questions. 

Repeat Often, but Only as Needed

No one likes meetings for meeting sake, but oftentimes complicated concepts require regular multiple meetings.   Once the meeting is done, reschedule the next meeting so everyone can be ready. 
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