About Matican Group

Matican Group is a technology enabler and investigates deeper thinking about the business process by asking the question “Why?”

Matican Group is a Global Digital Solutions Provider in the technology workspace.

Businesses regularly have growth challenges that can often be solved through technology solutions.  These digital solutions may be internal or external, but ultimately they have to increase efficiency within the company.  These solutions have to be effective, timely, and profitable to be effective.  

To solve these challenges, they need a trusted partner that is an extension of their current technology team.  


Matican Group provides practical and unique digital solutions to businesses who need to increase efficiency and grow in their technology workspace.   

Six Fundamental Elements

Roy Disney, American businessman and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company with his younger brother Walt instilled the philosophy that “It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.“  

Matican Group has Six Core Elements and it is in these fundamental beliefs that our existence is based on.  These elements are Speed, Ease of use, Expense, Security, Health, and Appeal. 

During the development process, we analyze all tasks against these six values. 

Timing & Speed

Time is a universal, but very limited resource.  We all have the same amount of time every day.  In Matican Group, Time is one of the most valuable resources we have so we must consider speed as a factor while making project time estimates & development decisions.  But there is always a balance between improving speed and without compromising quality.  We do our best to optimize both at the same time.

Cost and Expenses

Matican understands that Financial and Time Resources are limited.  Every project needs a clear budget of both time and expenses outlined before the project is started. 

Safety & Security

A security mindset starts at the beginning of a project.  It is required to maintain the integrity, authentication and availability of the project code and this mindset is also used to best mitigate against malicious attack or hackers.  Security requirements typically fall into three categories:  Functional Requirements, Nonfunctional Requirements and Derived Requirements.

Health & Quality

Matican Group deeply cares about its team members.  We consider both the physical and mental health of our team when engaging in projects.  While we understand that there may be times that a project requires long hours for a short term due to unforeseen circumstances, we don’t encourage or actively participate in this behavior long term.   Also, we don’t engage with projects that disrespect the health of other vendors or employees. 

Attractiveness & Appeal

If an idea makes a product more appealing, it makes the product more successful. If an idea makes a process more appealing, it makes the people concerned with the process more encouraged… And so, Appeal matters to Matican Group greatly.

Comfort & Accessibility

The singular, most universal element in software development is Ease of Use.  Matican Group focuses on Ease of Use for the end-user and the development team.  We employ a five-step evaluation method to determine if we are achieving optimal usability.  These five elements are Efficient, Effective, Engaging, Error Tolerant, and Easy to Learn.

  • Efficient – How much time, clicks, or page views does it take to complete routine tasks
  • Effective – How accurately tasks can be completed and how often errors are produced by the end user.
  • Engaging – Are the end users satisfied or frustrated using the application or website
  • Error Tolerant – What happens when the user encounters problems, errors or needs help?
  • Easy to Learn – Will everyone be able to efficiently navigate the software / website and perform the necessary tasks?

Meet the Leads

The Matican Group Team integrates seamlessly into the clients work processes.  Our team becomes part of the clients own team members and not “some outsider vendor”. With this mutual trust and we share our goals, experiences, and beliefs, giving us a more clear vision about the project with the future in mind.  This level of cooperation avoids many potential obstacles in the development process. 

Bryant Price
Founder & Senior Partner
Daniel Azimi
Founder & ceo
Qazaale Nahani
Technical Office Director
Kevin Dehqan
Chief Technology Officer
Melika Hariri
Account Manager
Sara Alinejad
Product Architect
Ali Azimi
Design Lead
Milad Majd
Database Architect
Tarlan Shah
Human Resource
Fatima Karimi
Front-end Lead
Zara Hayati
Quality Assurance
Mahla Shams
Product Owner