Matican Group, Sponsors: Supply Chain Symposium

In 2020, supply chains have had to respond in extreme ways. What are the lessons learned? How should we progress forward?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 | 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM | Hybrid Venue: In-person (Petroleum Club, Houston, TX) + Zoom Virtual Meeting

Leveraging Technology & Innovation

How is technology helping supply-chain functions achieve the strategic imperatives of the corporation? How is supply-chain technology improving operational efficiency, reducing cycle-time, improving responsiveness and agility, enhancing market intelligence, and delivering a competitive advantage to the corporation? What are the best practices in technology management and what are the organizational challenges?

Leading Edge of Logistics

Managing logistics is a critical aspect of the supply chain. Crises and the execution of mega projects require flawless management of logistics. What are the new ways in which companies are handling logistics? What is the new science involved?

Learning and Improving from a Crisis

What are the extreme crisis stories supply chain leaders have lived through either due to the pandemic or other situations? How does a crisis change the supply chain? Is the change permanent or do things revert to previous states?

Five Key Solutions

Developing a Strategic Solution is actively making deliberate, planned, and tactical decisions for the overall, long-term benefit of your vision.

Matican Group would rather be very very good at a few, specific skill sets than mediocre at a whole lot of different things.  For this reason, we focus on the following five Strategic Solutions.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive, clear, and simple-to-navigate User Interface is necessary for the customer to understand, search and navigate the website or other mobile device.Read More »

Ubiquitous Solution

Businesses operate 24 / 7 / 365 and this means creating solutions that can be everywhere, work seamlessly between platforms and without effort on the user.Read More »

Online Commerce

Everyone with an online presence can benefit from the ability to interact with B2C or B2B relationships at a scale not previously available.Read More »

Strategic Design

Strategic Design is the most important aspect to developing a successful web project or application.Read More »

Scalable Automation

At its core, Scalable Automation is a part of Business Process Management where you map out a process in a specific workflow to get a very high-level overview.Read More »

Best Practices

What follows are some of our best practices that we have adopted and use on a daily basis.

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